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Kevin ShuvalovKevin Shuvalov

Kevin Shuvalov brings almost two decades of experience in campaign mechanics, voter contact and fundraising strategies to his clients at MMG.

Kevin has been an integral part of three presidential campaigns, numerous national conservative issue advocacy groups and non-profit organizations, and has helped guide many Republican candidates to victory all across the country.

Kevin served as Regional Political Director for the Republican National Committee, where he worked with state parties and campaigns in his region to grow Republican majorities in the Senate, House, and Governorships. In this role, he helped win Iowa’s electoral votes for President Bush as well as multiple other nationally prominent races, and helped create the successful “72 Hour” turnout program.

Kevin also continues to work with the Konrad Adenaur-Stiftung Foundation by participating in civic education conferences across Germany. The Foundation recently published A Perspective of the 2012 American Presidential Election written by Kevin.

In 2014 Kevin opened MMG’s Houston office. The firm played a key role in revitalizing the Harris County Republican Party, which is the largest county party in the country and operates an annual budget over $1 million.  Kevin helped Republicans achieve their best election results since 2004, with Republicans sweeping every countywide office.

Kevin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from St. Edwards University in Austin, Texas. He is married to Heather Shuvalov and they have two children, Andrew Barton Shuvalov and Abigail Rae Shuvalov.

Ted JarrettTed Jarrett

Ted Jarrett brings more than 15 years of experience building complex national voter contact programs for high profile national campaigns and non-profit groups, as well as managing grassroots campaigns for large corporations and trade associations.

Ted is the go-to manager for the largest and most complicated mail projects in the political arena.  He has implemented voter contact and fundraising mail programs for such clients as President George W. Bush, McCain for President, Rudy Giuliani, Terry Branstad for Governor, and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  He has taken a unique approach to down-ballot races as well.  With some creative planning and cost-saving techniques, Ted has helped minority parties become the state legislative ruling parties.  In 2010, Ted and the current Iowa Speaker of the House of Representatives worked to regain a Republican majority for the first time in decades.  Ted and the Speaker have worked to maintain and grow that majority over the last two cycles.

Ted has also worked as a senior advisor for trade associations, Fortune 50 companies and political clients in the private sector. Over the years he has serviced a wide array of corporate and issue-oriented clients including Ford Motor Company, Microsoft, AT&T, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Progress for America.

Ted is a graduate of Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina.  He is married to Meredith Jarrett and they have one daughter, Georgie Gray Jarrett.

Erin JonesErin Jones

Erin Jones brings more than a decade of effective leadership in political communications, fundraising and voter contact to MMG. 

Erin has coordinated successful direct mail fundraising and voter contact programs in more than 30 states, and has raised $15 million for her clients from hundreds of thousands of donors across the country. She is an expert at implementing targeted, efficient and cost-effective campaign communication strategies.

Erin’s experience ranges from high-profile national clients to the state level, including: national Republican organizations; presidential campaigns; national issue advocacy groups; national and state non-profit organizations; gubernatorial campaigns; U.S. Senate and Congressional campaigns; and state legislative caucuses.  

Erin lives in Austin with her husband Jason and their devastatingly handsome dogs. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University with degrees in History and Political Science. Geaux Tigers.

Luke MarchantLuke Marchant

Over the past 15 years Luke has successfully managed state and federal political campaigns in a number of states, including Texas, Kentucky, Maine, and Florida, as well as managed local city and bond elections. Luke has served in almost every role on a campaign, from Campaign Manager to Communications Director to Yard Sign Placer, and holds a deep understanding for every aspect of how a campaign works.

One of the highlights of his career was serving current U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida as Political Director for his campaign, and then going on to serve as senior staff in his Washington, D.C. office. Other notable candidates he has worked for include U.S. Senator John Cornyn, Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers, & U.S. Congressman Pete Olson.

Luke has extensive experience working with corporations managing public affairs campaigns, government relations, coalitions building and strategic communications, where he uses campaign tactics to create corporate solutions.

Luke also enjoys teaching the next generation of campaign operatives. He has taught at Baylor University and the University of Texas, as well as Campaign Schools across the country. Luke has won several awards for his work and was recently awarded the 2014 Pollie for “Best Use of Imagery/Best of Show” out of several hundred entries and judged by a panel of his peers.

Luke splits time between Houston and Austin and is a Certified Barbecue Judge. He is a proud graduate of Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK.

Tony GiusTony Gius

Tony Gius brings 15 years of experience in implementing and managing grassroots and grasstops programs for statewide and national political campaigns, political committees and numerous Fortune 500 companies. 

Tony has worked on two successful presidential campaigns, several statewide and federal campaigns, and at the White House Office of Political Affairs through the Republican National Committee. 

Tony specializes in managing grasstops programs for national corporations, and has implemented successful national and local campaigns for numerous national corporations, including Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Disney and Lowe’s. 

Tony previously ran a political technology company that served Gubernatorial, Senatorial, and Presidential campaigns as well as several national political associations.

Tony is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.  He is married to Jennifer Gius, they have a son, Alex, and a dog, Norton.


Heather ShuvalovHeather Shuvalov

Heather Shuvalov’s career spans over 20 years, where she’s managed and produced successful direct mail campaigns for two presidential campaigns, numerous statewide races and state legislative campaigns.

Heather oversaw the direct mail program for President Bush’s 2000 and 2004 campaigns, as well as the 2005 Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Heather got her start in the political arena working for Rove + Company, where she served as the Production Manager and then later as Executive Vice President. Heather is a graduate of Texas A&M University.

She is married to Kevin Shuvalov and has two children, Andrew Barton Shuvalov and Abigail Rae Shuvalov.

Leigh EvansLeigh Evans

With over a decade of experience in the communications, media and event management industries, Leigh Evans specializes in leading demanding projects from conception to production to successful completion.  

This skill has led her to compelling work with organizations nationally and internationally. Leigh started her career in Los Angeles at Creative Artists Agency, as a part of the team that successfully shepherded many notable television projects to screen. Later moving to New York, she worked with the head of Tribeca Productions, where she was involved in the day-to-day creation and development of the Tribeca Film Festival. She went on to become a producer for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival, developing the inner workings of their programs and helping guide it to success. It was while in New York that Leigh was introduced to political fundraising, where she helped raise funds for multiple high profile political campaigns. 

Since moving back to Houston, Leigh's consulted with a variety of Texas companies, with an expertise in online messaging and compelling website content. Leigh is a sought-after writer and content creator, writing for her own online publication as well as for local and national outlets.

Leigh manages the digital advertising campaign for the Harris County Republican Party. She successfully transitioned the party to the latest technologies that allowed party activists to utilize the website and social media to identify and turnout voters.

Leigh lives in Houston with her two dogs, Lola & Chuck, and is a proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

Annaliese Wiederspahn Annaliese Wiederspahn

Annaliese Wiederspahn brings more than eight years of political and institutional communications experience to MMG. She is the former communications director of the Republican Party of New Mexico and the New Mexico House Republican Caucus. Wiederspahn also ran communications and served as campaign manager for winning U.S. Houses races in 2008 and 2010. She previously worked for MSNBC, The New York World and as a freelance contributor to multiple media outlets. 
Wiederspahn has served as a communications consultant to the World Bank Group and Rock Creek Investments. She holds a bachelors degree in economics from Haverford College and a masters degree from the Columbia Journalism School. She currently serves on the board of the Wyoming Stock Growers Agricultural Land Trust.

Shannon VrbaShannon Vrba

Shannon’s multi-faceted career includes event planning, campaign fundraising and political communications on the local and state level.

Shannon directed fundraising operations for the Harris County Republican Party, raising over $1.6 million in the 2014 cycle.  Over the course of the cycle, Shannon increased individual contributions to the Harris County Republican Party by more than $500,000.

Shannon is a graduate of Southwestern University and resides in Houston, Texas.  She and her husband Don have two children, Darby and Chandler, and a loving dog, Porterhouse.

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